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About Us

Welcome to Shree Amarshakti Transport Co.

We are SATC (Shree Amarshakti Transport Company), a leading truck transport company based in North Gujarat, India. Established in 2015 by Mr. Bhautik Prajapati, we started with a single truck and a visionary outlook that was ahead of its time. Our initial operations were focused on serving the local region, gradually expanding our services to cover the entire state of Gujarat.

Through our commitment to excellence and dedication to customer satisfaction, SATC has experienced significant growth and has become a renowned name in the transport industry. Today, we proudly hold the position of being the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in Palanpur (B.K), with a fleet consisting of 25 vehicles.

At SATC, we take pride in our role as a key player in the private sector of commercial vehicle ownership in Gujarat. Our success is attributed to our focus on providing safe and reliable delivery services. We have established a strong and dependable Delivery Network, specializing in both full and part load services.

To fuel our continued growth and innovation, we have welcomed new strategic minds into our team. With fresh perspectives and ideas, we are continuously driving the expansion and success of our company.

At SATC, we are committed to delivering excellence in truck transport services. We strive to exceed customer expectations by ensuring the safety, reliability, and timely delivery of goods. Our goal is to be the preferred choice for businesses seeking efficient and dependable transportation solutions throughout Gujarat.

Choose SATC for your truck transport needs and experience the difference of a trusted and reliable transport partner.


To provide the highest quality service to our customers by continuously increasing cost efficiency and maintaining delivery deadlines. To encourage our workforce to continuously strive for quality and excellence in everything they do. To promote team work and create work environment that encourages talent and brings out the best in our employees.


We want to bring our company to the leading of the transportation company also standard service with our own vehicles.

Our Quality policy

To establish, organize, manage, run, charter, conduct, contract, develop, handle, own, operate and to do business as transporters, in all its branches on land,transporting goods, articles, or things on all routes and lines on National level subject to law inforce through all sorts of carries like trucks, lorries, trailers.

Transportation company goals must be centered around the need to meet customer expectations. Customer needs include loading and moving shipments as rapidly and safely as possible, as well as delivering shipments exactly when expected and in the same condition as the items were when loaded on the truck. Rate schedules should be designed to create a differentiating competitive advantage, and the most important goal may be to recruit the best-qualified drivers and support staff in the industry.

Safety goals are established for the well-being of both employees and customers. A sample safety statement from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is, “If it is not safe and healthful, we will not do it.” Workplace safety for transportation companies includes the front office, warehouse, loading dock and highway. Highway safety includes enforcing driver rest periods, vehicle maintenance standards and driver proficiency requirements. The goal is to eliminate or mitigate every possible safety risk on company property, every safety risk on the highway and every safety risk when employees are at customer facilities.

Transportation companies have the knowledge and expertise to get goods delivered without delay or damage.The goal should be that every product will be delivered to the final destination without any damage or loss of value. An additional transportation goal is the timely delivery of goods. A common goal that transportation companies share is that freight will be delivered on time, every time.

Competitive advantage in shipping rates is a key element of a transportation company’s success. Shipping rate goals can be reached by developing plans for increased market share through innovative rate structures, offering volume discounts and offering special discounts to favored customers. Some companies also advertise that they have no extra charges for special requests such as next-day delivery or morning delivery, offering extra convenience to price-conscious customers.

Goals should include a commitment to hire the highest-quality drivers and support staff in the industry. This goal can be achieved through the company’s willingness to provide trucks that incorporate the latest technology, generous mileage rates, paid vacation time.

Transport is important because it enables communication, trade and other forms of exchange between people, that in turn establishes civilizations. Transport plays an important part in economic growth and globalization. 

Transportation is a major contributor to the economy and a competitive force in business. It is the activity that physically connects the business to its supply chain partners, such as suppliers and customers, and is a major influence on the customer’s satisfaction with the company. This chapter illustrates the role of transportation in the logistics function, the supply chain, and the larger economy.

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The Amarshakti Team

Mr. Bhautikkumar Prajapati, CEO

"Be the reasons someone smile today"